Hi, I'm Claire.

An award-winning Medical Sales Resume Specialist, Career Consultant, and Speaker with 15+ years of experience.

I help clients land great roles with dream companies by leveraging the sales techniques they already know to fuel their career advancement.

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You are one person away from winning that feel-inspired-again, career-defining medical sales role that you'll smash-dial your significant other about.


How 3 little words can change a career.

company. wide. layoff.

Over 10 yrs, I helped 1,500+ Pharma Reps, Managers, and Executives land 6-fig. roles at our family's recruiting firm.

I'd graduated with awards and honors from a top journalism school and was the 'go to' for interviews and resumes for my friends, family, and colleagues. My career felt promising.

Until it bottomed out.

Between you and me, with my background, I never dreamed 'layoff' would be part of my story. 

But there it was on a Friday afternoon in 2008. Right after I'd won 16 industry awards for our boutique PR Agency in Sacramento. See, the majority of our clients were in the home appliance segment and I found myself laid off.

So, I went back to the industry I knew best: Medical Sales

I used the same techniques that I had before to prep our pharma candidates -- and landed a thrilling diagnostic oncology job in just under 6 months.

And 18 months later, another layoff.

I was Shocked. Disoriented. Disappointed.


Again, I applied the same principles thinking "lightning might strike twice but never a third time."

This time, I landed a dream role with a pay raise in 3 months and excelled for 3 years until (you guessed it) another layoff. 

This time due to a company acquisition.

I went through 2 more layoffs but landed each next role in 1 month and 1 week, respectively.

And after these 5 rounds of layoffs, I recognized what I was doing to get 'back in' was a system. 

There were specific ways I led my search, wrote my resume, networked for my opportunities, and interviewed to land great roles faster and faster each time.

And the best part?

Anybody can do this.

Now, I teach medical sales professionals how to use this exact system to land high-paying roles with companies they actually enjoy.

Today, I'm the owner and founder of Traction Resume.

I run this boutique resume and career consultancy for medical sales professionals, and also craft influential social branding for healthcare companies and individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story -- I can't wait to hear yours!




And when I'm not coaching...

I mentor job seekers weekly right here, counsel startup healthcare companies on social media branding, help fellow resume writers build their confidence on video and canva, and host the Today's Medical Sales Leader Podcast.


A few fun facts?

🎸 Steely Dan and RHCP are definitely playing in my office.

🧥 I once helped a CEO land her biggest contract with a cream pant suit and spilled glass of Diet Coke.

🐆🐆 It's likely one of my CFOs will be curled up on my desk during our Zoom call.

🌶️ I performed on a traveling jumprope team for 8 years.

💥 My passion for Networking literally saved my life in 2017 after a close call with a DVT following the birth of my youngest son.


"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." -Sir Winston Churchill

If you're ready to give it your all to advance in medical sales and want a team behind you that can support and position you for that next big move -- it sounds like we're a great fit. Let's talk.

My business is intentionally small.

I work with high-achieving, relationship-oriented, patient-first types who want providers to win just as much as they do.

The ones who know they are ready for a great next career move and want expert materials and 1-on-1 guidance for their next move.

Who I'm not a great fit for:

  • Those unsure about what they want to do next.
  • Those looking for a quick-fix resume mill.
  • Those looking for opportunities outside of Medical Sales or Sales.

If this is you, I'd be happy to refer you to some wonderful career and job search coaches I trust -- and we can still be friends on LinkedIn, of course.


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