The key to getting a better job in medical sales is your customized plan.


We build your career materials so you can focus on making an impact in the biotech, diagnostic, device, or pharmaceutical arena.


You may have seen me...

"Claire takes a genuine interest in your career, delving into what drives you, and highlights those areas for deeper insight (even interviewed some of my clients for views that I couldn't possibly provide). I am so pleased with my resume and my corresponding LinkedIn page. But she is much more than a fantastic resume writer. She is someone to strategize with on your search. Contact her, she will make a difference in your career."

Geoff Beecher
Sr. Medical & Biotech Consultant

"She was able to share back to me my journey and my story in a way that was really powerful and effective for me. And through that, really built up my confidence. [...] If you're thinking about someone who's going to personalize your experience, go with Claire. I really count her as a contact and a colleague now."

Vernese E.W., Ph.D.
Vice President for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, NIU

"Claire is wonderful. Easy to talk with and created a resume for me that gives me confidence in my job search. Her optimism and insights have been a great boost in my job search. Grateful for her skills. Can’t recommend her enough!!!"

Regan M.
Specialty Sales Leader

"Claire stays connected in the industry to develop a resume that stands out. She's also great with professional bios, as well."

Theodore E.
VP of Sales

"I have gotten so much more interest from employers based on the resume she has done. She has extensive connections and she has helped me through these difficult and turbulent times."

Kyle C.
Sr. Account Manager

"She found out what I was really good at and put together an exceptional Resume and LinkedIn package for me. As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of interviewing with a company that I received a call back from less than 12 hours after I uploaded [...] the resume she created."

Shawn V.
Global Sales Director

"Working with Claire and her team at Traction Resume was an absolute pleasure right from our first encounter. Claire produced a resume that really told my story and made me feel secure in beginning my job search."

Rodger B.
Business Strategist & Growth Leader

"Claire's level of knowledge, professionalism and her sincere desire to bring out in your connection with her, the best that you are. She has the ability and insight to collaborate with you, reinforcing your level of proficiency and ability combined with your personality to capture your essence. When she puts it all on paper, she has created the life of your career and personality in a way that you would swear she has known you all of your life. If you are in the process of a new career, a resume or profile revision, etc., I very highly recommend that you get in touch with Claire. You will not be disappointed!"

Edna A.
Senior Executive Search Consultant

"For the first time in years I found myself not only on the job search, but looking to switch industries entirely. I had absolutely no idea how to transfer my experience over into another industry. All I can say is, wow. She did a fantastic job of taking my experience and putting it on paper in such a way that it carries over into several industries. Not only that she was willing to go the extra mile to coach me through the necessary revisions of the documents to tailor them to the jobs that I was interested in. Needless to say, she was a great find and will no doubt be a valuable contact for me in the future. Thank you for your help Claire."

Jarred M.
Real Estate, Finance Leader

"Claire has a gift for communicating and helping others succeed in finding jobs. She is a pleasure to work with and helped teach me how to navigate LinkedIn to narrow down my job search! She is a true asset to anyone looking for a job or needing help with their resume and interviewing!"

Kristen R.
Sales Representative

"Claire is a consummate professional who can make you feel supported and confident even on your worst days. She listens intently, and shares her knowledge via video chats, email tutorials or phone calls, on best practices for networking, engagement and relationship building. "

Lisa R.
Business Development Manager

"Claire performed my re-write and amazed me to say the least. Her writing actually made me feel better about myself! "

Mark W.
Business Development Specialist

"Her upbeat, can do attitude is infectious and after trying some of the skills on LinkedIn claire taught me I am shocked at the results! After many years in business I have learned that Successful people ask for help, because anyone who wants to succeed knows that you cannot do it alone and I could not be happier that I made the choice to have Claire by my side."

Lisa Rice
Business Development Manager

Three Ways I Can Help You

Customized Resumes

Whether you need a quick update, haven't touched your resume for 30 years, or are pivoting to Medical Sales from a different arena -- my proven Traction Resume Triple-S System leverages your unique career story so you become an interview magnet.


Private Coaching

Do you want to 10X the effect you have with a hiring manager? In 60-minutes, we'll fast-track your success in areas like Interview Prep, Job Fit, Brag Books, Negotiation, Video Selling, etc. Whatever you need, my 1-on-1 coaching is tailored to help you meet your goals faster.


LinkedIn Profiles & Posting

9 out of 10 Medical Sales recruiters search LinkedIn when sourcing candidates (as of 2022). LinkedIn Profiles are your digital handshake with potential employers. Let's position you as the obvious, right-fit candidate for the opportunities you want.


Success is not a Secret -- it's a System.

As a Medical Sales Resume Specialist and Career Strategist, I show Medical Sales Leaders how to secure interviews for $100K+ jobs in 60 days or less -- without applying online -- through my proven Traction Resume Triple-S System©. 


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Hi, I'm Claire Davis.

With 15+ years of resume writing, recruiting, and medical sales experience, I've distilled career advancement down to a science. 


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Join the rapidly growing list of subscribers to the 90-Second Edge for Medical Sales Insiders.

Every Saturday morning.

90 Seconds or Less.

Tips that'll make your friends wonder where you learned that.